Our Story

The Idea

I visited a grove in West Virgina several years ago, brought home a single culm, and it has grown into a full sized viable bamboo grove, right here in southern Ohio! It is an amazing plant, resilient, useful, and beautiful.  After the realization I had a yard full of it, and I was going to be getting more and more as it grew, combined with a love of craft and tinkering, I started to play and experiment with the techniques for creating cool stuff out of bamboo

After a few years of pretty much just making messes, my experience at doing so began to pay off and wonderful wind chimes and other things begun to take shape.  I also began to realize that most of the bamboo wind chimes being sold were from overseas and not very creatively designed, plus imported bamboo requires a lengthy quarantine before it can be sold in the U.S. 

So Domestic Bamboo Crafters was born, Americans growing and crafting cool bamboo stuff for other Americans.  My goal is to offer over 100 hand made products from sustainable domestically grown bamboo!    

Style & Quality

Bamboo is quickly gaining popularity in the US because it can be beautiful has an exotic vibe, and can be made into so many different things!  It can fit into almost any decor.

Bamboo offers legendary flexibility and strength, but can be a finicky raw material to work with.  For starters it is nothing but grass.  It splits easily under certain conditions, splinters easily if cut or worked aggressively, is susceptible to insect damage, and no two pieces are identical.

Yet when treated with care, the results can be both striking and grounding.  Impermanent and imperfect to be sure,  yet warm and inviting like an old friend.

All of our bamboo products are locally sourced and crafted carefully by hand.  



100% Handmade

bamboo heat treated by hand in America

For starters, we harvest all of our bamboo by hand, which means on our knees or belly in the midst of a bamboo grove, working to release each individual culm with a hand saw.  See for yourself.

Most of our products are also heat-treated by hand, which means applying a propane torch to every inch, and burnishing by hand by giving every inch a firm rubdown with a soft cloth.  This process brings the oils to the surface, forces out the starches, helps protect and aid in durability, as well as give it some shine and visual texture.

We tie all of our knots, make all the cuts, do all the wrappings, decorations, and assembly; by hand in our small workshop located in Hocking Hills, Ohio.