Top 3 Shopping tours in The Hocking Hills region of Ohio


Sure Hocking Hills has majestic cliffs, rushing waterfalls, towering cedars, AND Domestic Bamboo, but then what?  Well, shopping is a time honored part of any vacation!  We’re here to help.  You won’t find any malls or Pier 1 Imports, and with the exception of Wal-Mart, no local shopping destinations you’ll recognize from back home.  However, you will find plenty of handmade items, rustic and country décor, antiques, crafts, outdoor gear and such. 

We’ve put together 3 shopping specific day trip excursions with clickable headings that give round trip driving directions from Clear Creek.  

There is an extensive 7 stop trip "Around the Hills" (excursion one), a 4 stop "Man Tour" (excursion two), and a 4 stop "Antique Lovers Trip" (excursion three).  There’s plenty more shopping besides what we feature on these excursions, so hey, be your own person, shop your own way, do your own thing, enjoy the Hocking Hills!


Route 33 is regularly patrolled.  The speed limit is 60 mph from Columbus to just south of the Speedway and McDonalds in Carrol, where it goes to 70 mph for about 15 miles before dropping back down to 60 mph.  Further down 33 is a Sunoco and Subway on the right at the entrance road to Clear Creek Metro Park.  This is the starting point for our round trip excursions. A few miles further on the left is a GoMart gas station and deli near the entrance to Canopy Tours.

After the rest area, the speed limit goes back up to 70 mph.  The route 664 round-a-bouts finished in 2014 have been dressed out and are fully operational.  They are nothing more than yielding intersections usually without the need to come to a full stop.  The signage is pretty clear, just treat them like mini on ramps, yielding as you adjust your speed to flow into any traffic around the circles towards your destination.     

Why traffic circles in Hocking Hills?


EXCURSION ONE: Around the Hills

Total round trip drive time from Clear Creek is just over 1:00 hour.  Plan on 4 - 6 hours actual shopping time.  Part of the fun here is the driving, as this shopping tour travels along some very hilly curvy skinny roads, classic Hocking Hills!   So good in fact, Car and Driver uses some of them as test tracks for fancy cars, so ladies may be able to talk their men along just to do the driving- enjoy!


Hungry Buffalo Hocking Hills

Stop 1.  Chief Logan General Store at “The Hungry Buffalo”   

Opened in the fall of 2017, this restaurant has super tasty food, AND one of the best gift shops in the area!  Plenty of wonderful handmade items, Guys and Gals will plenty to look at, including some from Domestic Bamboo Crafters. Jam packed with cool stuff and a large section dedicated to Rocky Boots and similar outdoor products.  Plus a fantastic dinner- what's not to love!


Stop 2.  Rempel's Grove      

Rempels Grove has some of the best shopping in the Hills!  The Old Dutch Restaurant gift shop has some unique handmade and decorative items as well as interesting kid toys and trinkets.  The Logan Antique Mall is a large collection of varied antique dealers, with a great front porch for treasure hunting.  If antiques are your thing, it is easy to spend a few hours poking around in here.  Weaver’s Deli has a great selection of hard to find bulk foods and supplies, which make great gifts.  Ask for their Meal Deal if you’re hungry!  The craft mall is a large collection of hand made and gift vendors, with plenty of unique items.  The Glass Outlet has, well, lots of glass! 


Wind chime shop of Hocking Hills

Stop 3.  The Wind Chime Shop / Christmas / Candles  

Talk about your backcountry charm!  Here you will find a huge selection of wind chimes! (Even some nice bamboo ones from  An amazing array of gigantic ones,  small ones, different shapes, different sounds, all packed together and available for you to "be the wind" , and test them all out!  An amazing collection of FDR magazine covers and such grace the walls of the main chime room, while the smaller room walls are packed with a sizable collection of spoons.  The Christmas shop is truly enchanting and don't be surprised if you find the owners, Mike or Judy in the candle shop hand pouring their most popular sellers, over 120 flavors of great burning candles.  The Camp Fire one brings a bit of camping right into your home without all the packing and unpacking!  This a staple of any shopping trip to the Hills.  


Stop 4. Inn at Cedar Falls Gift Shop    

A great little shopping stop with country décor, local goods, spa stuff, art, souvenirs, and just a bit of randomness.  Park across the street and walk the wooden walkway.  Oh, and if the restaurant is open, (they have limited lunch hours), grab a piece of the blueberry cobbler, to die for! 


Stop 5.  Grandma Fayes gift shop

Yes Grandma Fayes has groceries and camping supplies, but they also have a great gift shop full of t-shirts, hats, and country decor.  Some of it in that cheesy "on vacation" vein, but stuff the others don't have.  As well, they have all the toys and trinkets to make any kid happy, including my personal favorite, Frog Legs rock candy, two sticks co-joined and kinda resembling frog legs, yum!



Stop 6. Glenlaurel Inn and Cottages Gift Shop   

The short drive from off Mt. Olive road back to the Office / Gift Shop is pretty cool in and of itself, taking you through the midst of a hickory club golf course built in the historic Scottish tradition (available for guests only).  Their gift shop offers some distinctive local pottery, upscale goodies, and unique items with a decidedly Scottish flair.  If available get some of their signature short bread cookies and hazelnut coffee for the perfect little wake up treat once you get home.


Stop 7. Hocking Hills Market   

The weekend outdoor flea market set up in the front area of this sizable collection of shops is a big draw, entertaining, and the place for some deal making on that one of kind gift.  If that’s your thing, consider moving this to your first stop since the flea market tends to start early and wind down by late afternoon.  However if possible plan it for the way home to avoid turning left out of the market into 33 traffic.  It is the most dangerous intersection in the Hills on a busy Saturday.  There are several antique malls located here, a wood carver, a craft mall, a boot outlet, a jeweler, a furniture maker, a t-shirt shop, a bead specialty store, and the Motorcycle Ranch for biker gear.  An easy place to spend several hours!



manly man.jpg



Total round trip drive time from Canal Winchester is 1:50 hours.  As you approach Nelsonville, you will be driving on the Nelsonville Bypass, one of ODOT's largest projects completed in 2013, of which about 5 miles passes through Wayne National Forest.  An enormous amount of research and assets went into keeping this human thoroughfare in concert with the local wildlife, such as deer, bats, and butterflies.  Plus it is one of the most monitored roadways around due to it being built over ground shifting abandoned mines.  Enjoy!


Stop 1. Rocky Boots Outlet store  

Rocky Boots

Three floors of the best outdoor goods and apparel, all at outlet prices.   More boots and camo than you will find anywhere else!   Worth a trip for the whole family.  If you know a train enthusiast, a quick stop in the Scenic Hocking Valley Train Station ain't a bad idea.  


The drive back from stop 1 to stop 2 goes through a strange little town called Haydenville, an old company town that was built from clay, literally and figuratively.  The town has outlived the clay industry that spawned it.  It is now host to SawMiller,  a leader in pallet manufacturing, turning standing timber into pallets.  Gigantic stacks of them, that you literally drive right by. The first pile of wood you come to on your left are scrap cuts available to regular Joes to load in their pickup for projects etc.   Stop by the office scales first to get your empty weight.     


Stop 2. Rempel's Grove

See Step 1 in Excursion one above.   Specifically the Logan Antique Mall, which has plenty of tools and old stuff to keep us men occupied for at least an hour or more.  O, and a fat freshly made deli sandwich from Weaver’s with all the fixings is worth the stop.


Downs hunting and fishing

Stop 3.  Down’s Bait & Gun 


Back to the good ole days, when a small little store can get crammed pack with fishing tackle, archery equipment, guns, ammo, and all things manly including live bait.  Hang around long enough, and you'll hear some tall tales and maybe get some insider info from Charlie and the guys about the hot fishing holes.         

The drive to stop 5 takes you right along the edge of 300+ acre Lake Logan.   


Stop 5.  Hocking Hills Market

See step 7 in Excursion one above.  Antiques, furniture, and motorcycles.  Not to mention flea market deals!  A must stop for any true man shopping tour in the Hills!



EXCURSION THREE: Antiques only

Get your walking shoes out, there’s a lot to see!  Total round trip drive time  is just under an hour.   This shopping trip focuses solely and antique and vintage stuff and includes a foray through Lancaster, famous for glass and Tecumseh Sherman.  Enjoy!


Stop 1.   The Logan Antique Mall at Rempel's Grove

See stop 1 in EXCURSION ONE.  Plenty of varied vendor booths to keep you busy.  A great selection of smalls in the glass cabinets in the middle by the desk.  The bargains tend to be on the front porch. 


Stop 2.  Rockbridge Antiques

The smallest shop on the journey, but it's right on your way, with easy in and out, worth a stop!  Some cool old stuff, some bargains, and a specialization in music and guitars.     


Stop 3.  Spring Street antique mallPaula’s antiques, and the Bargain at Hocking Hills Market.

old antique shop

See stop 6 in EXCURSION ONE.  The Spring Street Antique mall is similar in size and scope to the Logan Antique mall, complete with bargain hunters front porch.  Paula's antiques are a few doors to the right of the antique mall and offer more of an upscale feel, with a specialty in signage.  Hit the bargain barn on the way in or out for more of a yard sale feel, with less junk, but still some bargain finds.  


Stop 4.  The Olde Shoe Factory antique mall

Here is the only stop not really in the Hocking Hills, but close enough and worth the trip.  It is a very sizable 2 story antique mall build in an historic old building, complete with creaking wooden floors!  The basement is more of a manly place, spread out more like a real basement or garage.  Lots of furniture, large tools and equipment, and in the back recesses is some industrial salvage, doors, shutters, fixtures etc.     




Come down for a day, or take a break from hiking and exploring, either way the shopping is great in The Hocking Hills!


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