Hand Making a "BooShoot" hanging vase

Bamboo hanging vase

On rare occasion, if I have a bulk order that is time sensitive, I'll use power tools such as a scroll saw and power sander.  However I prefer to work by hand, so I can create cool bamboo items without the need for electricity.  Something to be said for sitting outside crafting with your hands. 

In the video below I hand make a "BooShoot" hanging vase.  There are quite a few steps in making these.  Sometimes the heat treating is done earlier in the process with each step being necessary to deliver a decent final product. 


  1. Harvest bamboo from the grove.
  2. Wait 6 months for it to cure.
  3. Wash it to remove dirt.
  4. Cut a piece to length.  One end with a straight cut near a nodule, the other on a 45 slightly above a nodule. 
  5. Eyeball the measurements, then cut and create the pockets.
  6. Sand off any "fly-aways" at the edges.
  7. Carefully drill the wire hanger holes, coming in from both sides to reduce blow-out "fly-aways".
  8. Heat treat and hand burnish the entire item.
  9. Add the hanging wire.
  10. Rub down with orange oil

Though the video has been edited to about 6 minutes, the entire process (minus the harvest and cure) takes about 15-20 minutes.  

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