Top 3 Shopping tours in The Hocking Hills region of Ohio

Sure Hocking Hills has majestic cliffs, rushing waterfalls, towering cedars,  but then what?  Well, shopping is a time honored part of any vacation,  and we’re here to help!  Part of the fun is the driving, so we have put together 3 different shopping tours in the Hocking Hills for your Shopping and Driving pleasure!  Including our "Man Tour".

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Tube drum musical percussion instruments from old useless bamboo

Bamboo is an incredibly useful plant!  It’s list of uses is seemingly endless.   BUT, once a bamboo pole undergoes certain changes, it’s usefulness is quite diminished.  Here at Domestic Bamboo Crafters, we are working on finding crafty uses for the entire pole and extending its useful life.

HOWEVER, all is not lost-  We discovered that sections of bamboo in this state have become great little musical  percussion chambers all on their own!

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What's in the middle of a WILD bamboo grove?

The southern grove however is a whole other bird!  It, has been growing as it, itself, has seen fit for the past 11 years.  One could if one so chose, set off in any direction and within moments, not be doing anything other humans would recognize as moving forward.  Then rapidly realize the wear will only get worse and choose to spend the next few hours in a different way.

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Hand Making a "BooShoot" hanging vase

I prefer to work by hand, so I can create cool bamboo items without the need for electricity.  Something to be said for sitting outside crafting with your hands. 

In the video below I hand make a "BooShoot" hanging vase.  There are quite a few steps in making these.  Sometimes the heat treating is done earlier in the process with each step being necessary to deliver a decent final product. 

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