Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Domestic Bamboo Crafters, we take pride in our craft.  If you have a question not answered here, please let us know!

Bamboo love

How long will my bamboo wind chimes last?

It's just grass after all, it isn't going to live on forever ya know?  There are some things you can do to help but even if you choose to hang it and forget it, your wind chimes will continue to do their dance with the wind for at least a few years.

There are many factors that help determine bamboo's durability and longevity.  The most critical of which is where it's placed.  Bamboo wind chimes placed completely outdoors in the weather tends to quickly develop mold and a weathered appearance.  Yet I've seen sets hanging out of the weather under a deep eave or awning look virtually the same as the day they were bought even after several years.  

What is "Heat Treatment" of bamboo?

In our case, it's the process of heating every inch with a propane torch, and while hot, burnishing by hand by giving every inch a firm rubdown with a soft cloth.  This process brings the oils to the surface, forces out the starches, helps protect and aid in durability, as well as give it some shine and visual texture.

My bamboo has developed mold, what do I do?

For starters, accept the fact that it is organic grass, and subject to all the natural processes that afflict any other plant.  I have found however, that some hot water and a good scrub with a kitchen scrubber can bring back much of the luster.  For more stubborn patches add a bit of ammonia and a bit of dish soap to some hot water, then commence scrubbing.  Then treat it with your favorite furniture type oil, wax, or wood preservative.  We prefer Howard Feed-N-Wax.  

What's a donger?

That's our word for the "Clapper", which is the part that is attached to the "Sail", and when the wind comes bumps into the chime tubes. We just find it more entertaining to work with dongers than clappers.

What if i have a special request?

Well what have you got to lose by asking!  Maybe it's just an idea you have for something made out of bamboo, or maybe you'd like a large quantity of a particular item either as gifts or for resale, whatever you might have out of the bamboo box so to speak, give me a holler!  Contact form

What are Wholesale paks?

These are selected bamboo items sold in quantity, designed for a hands on retail environment.

Bamboo is a somewhat inconsistent material, with differences in length, texture, curves, bends, nooks etc.  I liken it to wizard's wands, some bamboo items are best experienced first hand, where they have the opportunity to choose the person, not the either way around!   

Check out our Wholesale Intro Paks here.

What else do I need to know about your stuff?

Bamboo crafting is not a perfect art, each product is unique and one of a kind, just like people.  Each with some bumps and bruises they've gathered along the way to give them some character!  Some of our listing are for made to order products, meaning we make as we go items that match the descriptions, but may not be the ones pictured.   Sometimes this means pulling one from our shop that has been in test mode, sometimes it means making one on the spot.  Some listings are a unique stock item, meaning we may or may not ever offer something similar and what you get is exactly what is shown in the pictures.